Real Estate Services - PROFIMOB - Bucharest Real Estate Agency

We specialize in brokering luxury residential property in Bucharest (new apartments, old apartments, apartments in villa, houses / villas); office spaces in Bucharest; commercial spaces in Bucharest; industrial spaces in Bucharest, Ilfov; residential lands, commercial, industrial lands in Bucharest and Ilfov.

Working with Profimob offers access to professional real estate services

We offer quality real estate services, tailored to customer needs, so we grew with our customers and contributed to their success, both personal and organizational, by finding residential and office properties that customers could identify with, commercial or industrial spaces that could provide customers the important competitive advantage posed by location, price and strengths of investment.

We offer you the local experience of each member of the team of real estate consultants

This matters most in real estate. Understanding the real estate market conditions in the segment or area you are interested to trade in, is what makes the difference. Thus, each department of the company is composed of agents who know very well the areas in which they operate, it is a strategy that works for all our clients, regardless of real estate segment. We work hard to provide you the best possible real estate services.

We promote the selling, buying or renting real estate properties through various marketing strategies and promotional materials: 

  • Panels located on land for sale, banners posted on the building, work as much as we to attract in a flash clients interested in that type of property;
  • We use leaflets, brochures to studded the areas of interest to quickly promote a property and also to facilitate to those interested, finding a property that suits them;
  • Internet is one marketing tools with the highest growth in recent years and that allows a rapid interaction between properties and persons interested in real estate. This is why we invest a lot of work, time and money in creating, updating and promoting Profimob site. In addition, the properties listed on have ensured the publication in major real estate portals in Romania, which increase visibility and their finding.
  • Advertising in local press ensure the visibility for properties in Profimob’s portfolio ensure visibility property portfolio and for people who prefer searching in the printed versions of newspapers;
  • We offer clients our magazine, “Real Estate Offers”, it contains a significant number of representative properties; to ensure that it is constantly updated, and trying to protect the environment, we decided to focus more on the on-line version;
  • We use the latest marketing methods, including the social networks, to keep you constantly updated with information, important real estate news and much more ... Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We inform you since pre-contract stage on the general characteristics of the property you are interested in, any deficiencies and drawbacks, its legal status, market prices and estimation of the costs of transaction.
  • We offer you assistance in carrying out procedural and legal formalities required to obtain documents necessary for completion of transactions: Cadastral Survey, registration in Land Book, Fiscal Certificate, Town Certificate, Land Registry Excerpt.
  • At your request, we will assist you in negotiating and drafting contractual terms, including when signing a pre-contract;
  • We take the appropriate steps for registering the deal at competent authorities.

Because we know that time does not mean money, but is life itself, we obliges ourselves to answer your requests within maximum 24 hours. In exceptional circumstances that you see that we didn’t keep this promise, please inform us as soon as possible, directly to General Manager email address,

Your opinion counts, especially negative comments, because we are interested in continuously improve our work and we want to work closely with you to ensure that you have access to the most professional real estate services.