Tips for Renting Real Estate Properties, Useful Real Estate Information

Stages of property rental

The first step is choosing the area in which to be located the real estate. Depending on the type of property (residential property rental, office rental, retail, industrial space rental), you can take into account various important aspects: the distance between home and place of work or other locations where you could go frequently distance form means of  transportation, visibility and pedestrian or vehicle traffic generated by the area could be an important factor in the case of commercial premises, accessibility for heavy machinery in the industrial case.

The next step is to choose other criteria for selecting real estate: the number of rooms, type of residential property: apartment or villa; surface, shop front, in case of retail space; office area or the existence of concrete platforms, loading / unloading ramps, width and height of the hall when it comes to industrial properties.

Next, you need to establish your budget, how much you can afford to pay monthly. You must not forget to take into account the fact that most landlords require payment of a number of month's rent in advance and a deposit, also the payment of monthly utilities, real estate agency's commission.

Knowing what you can afford and what type of real estate property you want to rent, it's time to start looking for real estate. Website includes the latest properties for rent in Bucharest, you can study the details, pictures, plans and prices for each property for rent. When you think one of them fits your needs, contact the PROFIMOB agent. He will provide you with additional information about real estate offers and after signing a representation contract, he will be able to set a property viewing. If you like several properties, you can achieve a ranking system of properties, noting every important criterion with a score of 1-10 (eg: 9 / 10 for access to public transportation), so you can focus on one or two properties that suit you best.

The next step is submitting a price offer to the owner, monthly rent negotiation. Once your offer has been accepted by the owner, the next step is the study of contract terms. Together with PROFIMOB agent will have to study carefully and make sure that there is no additional cost and you know exactly what you will pay.

After signing the lease contract, you could move into rented property. It is a very important phase, which many neglect. Inspection of property, of any damage, making an inventory of existing objects in rented space should be stipulated in Minutes of property handover; it will be signed by both contracting parties. This assures you that you will not pay any such repairs or objects at the end of the contract.

Documents required for renting a property

See which are Necessary documents for renting a property owned by an natural or a legal person.