Tips for buying real estate

Steps buying a property

Because of our experience, we understand that pass through when the buyers take all the steps that are involved in buying a property. This is one reason we work so hard to simplify as much to process and transformed into a pleasant experience.
Through this article, you want to explain this process in more simple terms, but if you have additional questions or concerns, you stay at your disposal to clarify them.

1. Financing.

The first step is to organize your budget and liquidity. If you do not have the entire amount you wish to invest in buying a property, you can use a bank loan. You should choose the bank with which to collaborate and discuss with its representatives about the options you have available. The amount granted by the bank will depend on its conditions and your ability to return the loan. website can give preliminary information on credits, thru the mortgage calculator, which shows the lending conditions of the most important banks in Romania.
Next, you need to decide the amount you wish to pay in advance, if you need to sign a pre-contract.
Finally, we must not forget the other costs involved in buying a property, such as notary fees, again, our site offers clues about their value, property insurance ( required if you use a bank loan, optional but recommended if you buy cash), involved charges of obtaining a loan application, the agency's commission.

2. Finding the property.

First, we advise you create a list of criteria that must meet the ideal property for you.
If you wish to purchase a residential property (apartment, house, villa), are important: location, the number of rooms or surface, proximity to transportation facilities, the number of parking spaces, vicinity of parks, markets, schools, hospitals and Police offices etc.
In the case of office space could be important criteria: building type, villa or office building, space surface, near the means of transportation, facilities offered by the landlord. For a commercial space: surface and front shop, the view, location in a crowded area, generating traffic.
Finally, if you're interested in buying an industrial property, then the criteria may be its location on a road that allows access to heavy machines, the existence of the ramps and slide bridge, the height of the building is another important criterion.
You'll discover when you start viewings the difference between features that are absolutely necessary and those that would be interesting the property to have.
After you have ranked the priorities, contact us and we'll help you identify property you need. We offer you Profimob’s website, it contains the most current and representative real estate sales of the agency's portfolio. This is a good starting point; most of the buildings presented display the price announced by the owner, so you'll be able to form a picture of what you can find and how to position the housing market in terms of the proposed budget for investment. Also, you can learn about the characteristics of properties, you can see them through the pictures attached; you can study the plans floors.

3. Viewings. Inspection.

When you see a property that you find interesting, just contact a Profimob agent and he will hold a viewing, after signing a contract for viewing. We recommend that after each viewing to make a list of advantages and disadvantages of each property. When one of the properties you like more, you can compare all others with it, and when another property becomes, it will become standard.
Next, if you're interested in the property, the agent can establish a meeting with the owner. We recommend you call professional advice prior to submitting more of a real estate purchase process.

4. Price Offers.

At this stage, you will have to present the owner an offer that you think he will be able to accept. It is better to take into account the values of similar properties in the area. Profimob agent can assist you in this regard, because he has access to current information on prices in that market segment. Also, you must also study condition of the property, if it is a property that you can quickly dispose of, if a painting, improvements are needed, or even substantial investments. Crucial is, of course, your budget and the amount you're willing to invest.
They are not guarantees that the owner will accept your offer, and will not until it does, the property will remain on the market.

5. Buying

When you reach an agreement with the owner, you must carefully analyze both legal documents, and property itself. Finally, you need a notary to sign a purchase agreement to become the owner. Length and terms of sale purchase agreements vary from case to case, Profimob agent, together with the notary will advise to ensure a smooth transaction.

Documents required for selling / buying real estate property

Whatever type of real estate property (residential, commercial, industrial, office space, land), the most important aspect is the study of documents. They differ depending on the type of real estate, to read more click on each link:

Charges involved a real estate trading

Completing the sale - real estate purchase is made at a Public Notary. View the notary fees and state tax.